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Richard Cabral

"People come to this town to start brand new, trying to be somebody different. Anthony taught me to embrace who I truly am, love my blessings and my flaws. We cannot have one without the other. He strips you down of the lies society has told you, because if you cannot justify it within yourself, you can never justify within your character. The character is always you.


The method and training of acting has been evolving since the beginning of time and Anthony is no different. Some might say he is ahead of his time. Free your mind, body and spirit and there is no telling where your craft as an Actor/Artist will go. Thank you Anthony Gilardi for letting me love myself and breaking new barriers in story telling.” 

Richard Cabral, (with Anthony Since 2010)

Series Regular on Mayans MC (Sons of Anarchy spinoff). 

Series Regular on ABC's American Crime (Emmy Nominated-  Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Limited Series Or A Movie -  2015), Series Regular on FOX's Lethal Weapon. Paranormal  Activity: The Marked Ones, The Counselor, End of Watch, A  Better Life and Southland.  

"I have studied with Anthony [since 2009] from the audition to the set- I couldn’t ask for a more devoted and passionate coach.


He has challenged me and encouraged me. He is a willing, passionate and devoted artistic partner. He has made me not only embrace who I am but also to apply my unique abilities, strengths, and sensitivities to my craft and career.  His brilliance as a coach and passion have brought out the deepest, most raw, and honest areas of my soul to my work.


To see the results of his work in other students is awe-inspiring and to BE a result of that work is both a remarkable and humbling experience. 


He moves me beyond words...I am fortunate to call him a teacher and as an actor-I trust him wholly." 

Anna Diop, (with Anthony Since 2009)

Series Regular on DC's Titans, Series Regular on FOX's 24: Legacy,  Series Regular on OWN's Greenleaf,

Series Regular on CW's The  Messengers.

Also know for Quantico and Something About Her.

Films: Us, Nanny

Anna Diop_edited.jpg
Clayton Cardenas.webp

“I walked into Anthony’s studio at the end of 2013 without any prior acting experience. From the first moment you hear him speak you can sense his innate ability to break down his students barriers and reach the soul. His passion spoke volumes to me and ignited a fire in me that I still carry today.


Anthony taught me the craft of acting isn’t to “act”. It is to listen intently and react as you would in your normal everyday life. You are not a puppet. Anthony showed me to understand what my strengths were, embrace my imperfections, and to strengthen my weaknesses at the same time. He will challenge you, push your buttons, make you cry, and not let you make any excuses. I will love him dearly for that.


Thank you Anthony Gilardi.“

Clayton Cardenas, (with Anthony Since 2013)

Mayans MC (Sons of Anarchy spinoff) Series Regular.

American Crime Season 3 Series Regular.

"I have known Anthony since 2005. We grew together and into a brotherhood when he helped develop my one man show  “A NOBLE EXILE” in 2007.  He came on board as the director/producer and carried the project into full production, a huge mind blowing success.  


Anthony is one of the finest human beings and one of the most committed and knowledgeable coaches in the business. He inspires the artist in you to levels unparalleled. His approach is sincere, passionate, and rooted in experience and vast knowledge. Anthony is committed to the process. An actor must 'work out' in an environment that is safe and not restrictive, a space in which the artist can grow exponentially and that is what Anthony provides.


If you want to gain confidence and grow as a human being thusly a profound interpreter of the human condition, there is no other place for you than Anthony Gilardi’s Actors studio. “

Brionne Davis, (with Anthony Since 2008)

Star of Cannes 2015 hit and internationally acclaimed Oscar  contender EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT.

Brionne Davis HS1.jpg
Adam Schmalholz aka IN-Q_edited.jpg

“Anthony Gilardi is the truth. He seeks it in his own life, and inspires it in his students. His passion is contagious. He consistently finds a way to bring out the best in his actors by challenging them as human beings and artists. I feel lucky to call him my coach. He has helped take my creativity to a new level in every area of my career.”

Adam Schmalholz aka IN-Q, (With Anthony Since 2011)

Songwriter, actor, emcee and award winning spoken word artist.

"I’ve studied at Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio with Anthony Gilardi who has been my prime coach..Must say, Anthony has been of great help. He helped me in expressing my inner emotions, and also helped me find the humanity in each character."


-Quote from Mandate Magazine, December 2013 Issue.

Sidhartha Mallya, (With Anthony Since 2012)

Sidhartha Mallya_edited.jpg
Sydney Viengluang_edited.jpg

"Anthony Gilardi. There are so many positive things I can say about this man.


I joined his studio a year and a half ago and have not looked back since. The famous quote “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” definitely rings true for me. He has taught me the art of storytelling and has given me a working process and techniques to take my craft and career to the next level. As a coach and mentor, he has elevated, pushed, inspired me not only as an artist but a human being. He has provided an artistic home for not just me, but fellow artists alike.


If you’re looking for a safe place to hone and sharpen your craft, this is the place. I’m so glad I found his studio. Thank you, Anthony."

Sydney Viengluang, (With Anthony Since 2015)

Recurring on Syfy's Z Nation, Also known for Scorpion, Jane The Virgin and Criminal Minds.

“Anthony is a master craftsman at the art of moment to moment truth. His in-depth knowledge of human behavior and story telling allows him to teach the actor how to live in the imaginary world of each script. His honest, from the heart, no BS style of teaching is catered to each individual actor, rather than creating a blanket technique that all must follow. He has given me the number one gift I think an actor can get from a teacher, and that is how to trust my  instincts and process.

His willingness to go to battle along side of me with every project and script has made him not only my teacher and mentor, but also my big brother and a very dear friend.


 He is the real deal.”

Tui Asau, (With Anthony Since 2009)

Oh You Pretty Things, The Haumana, As You Like It and 90210.

Tui Asau_edited.jpg
Noah Baron_edited.jpg

"I have been acting since I was 9-years-old. Throughout my training , I've been taught how to "act." Studying with Anthony has taught me how, not to "act," but how to live in the moment. He is THE acting coach for the modern day actor. He teaches his students how to truly study, and master, human behavior.


Instead of imposing the same set of rules and guidelines on every actor, Anthony treats each and every student as an individual. He has created not only an amazing studio, but an even more amazing home. Anthony has created a family environment where actors can learn to grow, not just as actors, but as human beings. I have never found anything in Los Angeles that compares to it.


Above all else, Anthony truly cares about his students, and it shows. He is the most passionate, dedicated and caring coach that I have ever met. He is all heart. I would not be where I am in my career today without Anthony. And for that, I am forever thankful."

Noah Baron, (With Anthony Since 2010)

The Coen Brothers, Hail, Caesar!, The Middle, Legion and owner of Noah Baron YouTube channel.

"Seven years ago [2011] when I first came to L.A. I had no idea what this new world was about. Anthony saw my journey from the very beginning. He is the reason why I respect my craft. Why I work endlessly on my characters and on MYSELF because all of my work will only come from who I am. 

This is a man who is an expert in humanity and this is a man who really fucking cares.

You taught me to embrace my uniqueness and imperfections. Thank you for the invaluable lessons, support, guidance, patience, wisdom that you have given me throughout our journey together."

Benjamin Levy Aguilar, (With Anthony Since 2011)

Series Regular: Filthy Rich on Fox, Chicago P.D.

Benjanin Levy Aguilar_edited.jpg
Maria Sten_edited.jpg

"I started working with Anthony soon after moving to LA to pursue a career as an actor and I could not have asked for a better home to start the journey. With Anthony's pure dedication to craft and character development, his classes gave me the tools to interpret what is on the page, as well as explore what I individually can bring to any given role. I've had many profound artistic breakthroughs and personal discoveries during my time working with Anthony because he cultivates a space for artists to truly nurture their individual unique artistic expression. 


Anthony's passion for acting, actors, and artists overall is palpable in every aspect of his work. It motivates you to keep going even when you fall on your face, and if you're an actor, well, you'll probably fall on your face a lot. But the foundation I built while honing this craft with Anthony reminds me to always get back up and focus on the work and for that, I am tremendously grateful.


Thanks for everything, Coach."

Maria Sten, (With Anthony Since 2012)

Series Regular on CW's Swamp Thing, and Channel Zero, Big Sky, Reacher

"My first memory of Anthony is hearing his voice, rather than seeing him. I remember sitting in the back of the acting class, with a sea of heads blocking my view, and hearing Anthony start the class in his distinguishable Boston-Italian tinged cadence that we all love. 

Little did I know how instrumental Anthony's voice would be in me finding my own. Anthony is an actor's teacher. He is there to bring out in you what you didn't know you had.

Every time he has coached me in a scene, Anthony has helped me bring a nuance to my performance that it was previously lacking. As artists, our bodies and voices are our instruments for art to flow through. Anthony is who you go to, to fine tune that instrument. 

Thank you Anthony, for everything."

Hina X. Khan, (With Anthony Since 2011)

Recurring on CW's Stargirl, and roles on NCIS: Los Angeles, Station 19, S.W.A.T., Creepshow, and much more.

Hina X_edited.jpg
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