Breakthrough X - "A Look Back"
December 15, 2021 


Breakthrough X: “A Look Back” was an absolute sensation this year! Reflecting on memories of how the event has grown and lending the stage to new performers was the perfect way to celebrate the last 10 years of Breakthrough. 


A special recording of the event will be available for viewing soon! Congratulations to all performers, past and present; Breakthrough is only possible with your talent and courage. Thank you to our host Sid Mallya, our special guests Amelia & Jason, camera operators Tadas & Phil, and of course the man who started it all, Anthony Gilardi

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 8.37.36 AM.png
Recent Booking - Danni Darvill
November 20, 2021 

Catch studio member Danni Darvill, a multi-talented, dog-loving, paddle boarding yogi in the latest commercial for Jaguar!  

Recent Booking - Meg Meyer
November 19, 2021 


Catch Meg being all sporty and such in the latest NFL Shop commercial!


Go Meg!

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 8.32.33 AM.png
Recent Booking - Paula Placido
November 15, 2021 

A huge congratulations to Paula for two premieres last week!


She was a lead in her first feature film, “A Picture Perfect Holiday” and guest-starred as a fighter on the most recent episode of The Resident on FOX! 

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 8.26.50 AM.png
Recent Booking - Johnny Rey Diaz
November 8, 2021 

This guy cannot stop booking! And that is how we work.


See Johnny Rey Diaz on the last season of Narcos (now on Netflix) and as the voice of two characters on Forza Horizon 5!

Recent Booking - Jamal Henderson
October 24, 2021 

Congratulations to studio member Jamal Henderson for booking a National Hyundai commercial!

We would buy a car off of you any day Jamal!
Smile or Hug Premiere!
October 20, 2021 

Exciting news! Chelsea Javier is premiering her first feature film next week (for free)! She wrote, starred in, and cast a few members from our studio: Jackie Fernandez, Phil Galaras, Noah Baron, and Christian McClure.

We’re so proud of you, Chelsea and co!
Recent Booking - Johnny Rey Diaz
October 8, 2021 

Check out Johnny Rey Diaz as a recurring character in the newest season of Grey's Anatomy! So proud of you Johnny!
Recent Booking - Noah Baron, Ben Stranahan, and Krystal M. Harris
October 5, 2021 

Studio Members Noah Baron, Ben Stranahan, and Krystal M. Harris pause between scenes on the set of the feature film, “Better Than Yourself."

 We love seeing multiple studio members on cast and crew!

Recent Booking - Paula Placido
September 29, 2021 

Paula Placido absolutely shines in her most recent commercial for AT&T!

Frankie Loyal, Joseph Lucero & Vicent Varagas - Mayans M.C.
September 24, 2021 

You read that right! Congratulations to all three studio members, Frankie Loyal, Vincent Rocco Vargas, & Joseph Raymond Lucero for being promoted to series regulars on the 4th season of Mayans MC!

Film Festival Winner! - Johnny Rey Diaz
September 17, 2021 

A huge congratulations to Johnny Rey Diaz who was named Best Actor in the Pasadena International Film Festival last week! So proud of you, Johnny!

Recent Booking - Brad Stoll
September 12, 2021 

Look out for studio member Brad Stoll during the FOX football pregame show commercial airing today! 


 Way to go, Brad!

Class Schedule Change
August 30, 2021 

Our Saturday Cold Read Class is moving to Friday starting THIS WEEK, on September 3rd.


Same time (call in before 10:30 am PST.


Same teacher (Brionne Davis).


Same place (online)!

Recent Booking - Blair James
August 28, 2021 

Congratulations studio member Blair James for recently booking a lead role in a play!


Way to go, Blair!!

Recent Booking - Sammy Espinoza
August 21, 2021 

 Congratulations to Sammy for booking a principal role in a national commercial!

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 6.59.46 PM.png
Recent Booking - Cami McCullough
August 18, 2021 



 Meg Buzza got to represent the Dodgers in a recent MLB shop commercial!

Recent Booking - Cami McCullough
August 7, 2021 

You know you’ve made it when you’ve become a well-circulated meme! (Especially one that so accurately describes LA.


Go see Cami McCullough in episode 9 of “Hacks” on HBO!

Recent Booking - Xolo Mariduena
August 4, 2021 

It’s an exciting time for Xolo Mariduena! Congratulations on becoming HBO Max’s Blue Beetle!


Incredible news Xolo!

Recent Booking - Amanda Saechao
August 2, 2021 

Amanda is NO slacker… except in her latest commercial! Congrats on your latest spot for Slack that aired this weekend during the Olympics!

Recent Booking - Katie Reese
July 30, 2021 

Katie Reese strikes again with commercial success, this time with Ally Bank!


Way to go, Katie!

Recent Booking - Kevin Sinic
July 28, 2021 

Congratulations to Kevin Sinic for booking a short film! It is set in WWII and he will be using his unique technique of speaking German in the entire film.


Way to go, Kevin!

Intimacy Coordinator Seminar - Regina Banali
July 15, 2021 

Thank you so much to Intimacy Coordinator Regina Banali for coming into the studio to host a FREE Seminar for all our current studio members.

We learned such incredible information and are grateful for the time and wisdom you gave to us!

Tommy Suarez
Recent Booking - Tommy Suarez
July 8, 2021 

Congrats to Tommy Suarez for disregarding clothing laws in the latest Seagrams commercial!

Way to go Tommy!

Recent Booking - Heart Hayes
July 1, 2021 

Have you seen Good Girls on NBC lately? If you haven’t, you should! You’ll see our girl Heart Hayes as Porsche in the latest episode!

Recent Booking - Johnny Rey Diaz
June 28, 2021 

Catch our very own Johnny Rey Diaz recurring as Emmanuel Trejo on the final season of Bosch on Amazon Prime!


We’re so proud of you, Johnny!

Recent Booking - Sean Paul McNabb
June 22, 2021 

A double congratulations to Sean McNabb for booking TWO feature films recently! One of which is a rock music comedy — gotta love using a unique technique!

Recent Booking - Anna Diop
June 14, 2021 

A round of applause for studio alum Anna Diop and her recent booking on “Nanny.”


We’re so proud of you, Anna!

Recent Booking - Cami McCullough
June 11, 2021 

Go see Cami McCullough in a costar role on episode 9 of the HBO Max show “Hacks”


Keep it up, Cami!

Recent Booking - Iyana Halley
June 4, 2021 

Congratulations to Iyana for booking a feature film opposite Idris Elba!


Your future is so bright, Iyana!

Recent Booking - Victor Webster
May 29, 2021 

Another day, another Deadline article about a studio member booking! Victor Webster booked a recurring role in season 2 of the popular Freeform show Motherland: Fort Salem!
Recent Booking - Charlotte Benesch
May 25, 2021 

Look out for Charlotte Benesch on your silver screen this Fall — she booked a guest star on a popular Netflix show!
Recent Booking - Maria Sten
May 20, 2021 

Congratulations to studio alum Maria Steen for booking a series regular on “Reacher,” a new Amazon Prime show! We’re so proud of you, Maria!
Recent Booking - Brooklyn Jones & Leticia Bombardier
May 19, 2021 

Congratulations to Brooklyn and Lety for booking THE SAME Pepsi commercial and being in the SAME scene!

One commercial, two studio members.
Recent Booking - Margarita Reyes
May 12, 2021 

When it rains bookings it pours bookings, and Margarita needs an umbrella! She just booked a co-star on a TV show and the lead in an independent film!
Recent Airing - Panos Vlahos & Anthony D. Washington
May 7, 2021 

Catch not one, but TWO of our studio alums in the Netflix series “Selena: The Series!” 

You can see Panos Vlahos in season 1 and Anthony D. Washington in the recently premiered season 2.

Way to go, boys!

Grand Reopening!
April 12, 2021 



The Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio has officially reopened with in-person scene study classes!

Please email us at for more information.

Recent Booking - Katie Reese
April 1, 2021 

There she goes again! Katie Reese booked a commercial and a voiceover role for Maker’s Mark!

Way to go Katie!
Fox Soul Screen Room - Romel Rose & Nicholas Marrinson
March 29, 2021 


Today is a great day for studio member Romel Rose and studio member/coach Nicholas Marrinson! Romel’s short film, “John” starring Nick Marrinson was selected to be showcased on Fox Soul Screening Room. Fox Soul is highlighting the next wave of young Black filmmakers.


Congrats to the cast and crew!

It’s amazing that a day-in-the-life exercise in class can evolve into a beautiful short film and a glowing review from Vivica A. Fox herself!

Recent Booking - Katie Reese
April 1, 2021 

There she goes again! Katie Reese booked a commercial and a voiceover role for Maker’s Mark!

Way to go Katie!
Recent Booking - Arlene Victoria Conrad
March 29, 2021 

This girl is all smiles because she recently booked a big commercial AND an HBO show!

Way to go, Arlene, we are so proud of you!
Screen Shot 2021-05-30 at 9.32.34 AM.png
Recent Booking - Claire Kniaz
March 10, 2021 

Congratulations to studio member Claire Kniaz for booking and co-starring in the independent action film “Every Last One of Them” alongside Paul Sloan, Taryn Manning, and Richard Dreyfuss!
Recent Booking - Benjamin Levy Aguilar
March 3, 2021 

Congratulations to Benjamin Levy Aguilar for booking Netflix’snew limited series The Woman in the House!

The future is looking bright for Ben!

Congratulations, buddy.
Mayans Season Three
February 26, 2021 

Mark your calendars and get ready to ride.

Season 3 of Mayans premieres on March 16 on FX!

Clayton Cardenas and Richard Cabral return as Angel and Coco leading the pack.

Frankie Loyal, Vincent Rocco Vargas, and Joseph Lucero shine as series regulars.

Mike Beltran, Wilson Alvarez, and Michael Anthony Perez add to the drama as recurring characters.

We are incredibly proud of all of our boys!

Recent Airing - Iyana Halley
February 24, 2021 

A huge congratulations to Iyana Halley for being on the most recent episode of This Is Us! Look for her as a recurring guest star!

We love seeing the hard work of our students pay off. Great job, Iyana
Recent Airing - Paula Placido
February 18, 2021 

If you haven’t seen the most recent episode of Shameless on Showtime, then you haven’t yet witnessed the magic that is Paula Placido!

We’re so proud of you Paula! Hard work pays off!
Recent Booking - Margarita Reyes
February 15, 2021 

A triple congrats to Margarita Reyes for booking not one, not two, but THREE films (one of which directed by a fellow studio member Nate Boyer).

Way to go Margarita! Exciting things are happening at our studio!
Recent Booking - Garland Scott
February 28, 2021 

A huge congrats to Garland Scott for booking a role in a feature film. This guy cannot be stopped!
Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 1.33.13 PM.png
Recent Booking - Chris White
February 2, 2021 

And here, we see Chris White in his natural habitat... a comedic commercial for Rebate Key! Way to go, Chris!
The commercial was produced, cast, and edited by COO and studio member Noah Baron!
Smile or Hug Update - Keeping in the family!
January 28, 2021 

At our studio, we keep it in the family!
Studio member Chelsea Javier trusted the work ethic and execution of our students enough to cast FIVE of them (including herself!) in her feature film she wrote, produced by Wayfarer Studios.
We are so proud of all of you you all!
Recent Booking - Maria Breese
January 25, 2021

Maria Breese is already making 2021 count by booking a lead role in a feature film!
Way to go, Maria! We hope you have an awesome and safe time on set!
Cobra Kai Season 3 on Netflix!
January  22, 2021
Tune into Netflix’s Cobra Kai to see studio alum Xolo Mariduena kick some serious butt!
Recent Booking - Anthony D. Washington
January  13, 2021
Let’s hear it for Anthony D. Washington for booking a costar role on an HBO series!
Can’t stop, won’t stop!
Recent Booking - Paula Placido
January  6, 2021 
Paula Andrea Placido is starting off 2021 strong! She booked a recurring guest star role on Shameless!
Let’s keep up the momentum!
December  28, 2020 
We had ourselves a grand old time reading the shooting script of Love Actually! We laughed, we sang, we wore funny hats/wigs, and practiced our British accents (aside from
Sid Mallya, who actually has one).
Thank you to all who participated! We’re looking forward to doing more scripted readings in the new year!
SONDORS Commercial with Noah Baron
December  21, 2020 
Don’t know if you’re on the Naughty or Nice List? Just ask
Noah Baron, he seems to know Santa! 
Click HERE to watch him sleigh it in the latest Christmas commercial for SONDERS eBikes!
December  18, 2020 
"A Very Virtual Breakthrough 9” is now live in full on YouTube!
Click HERE to enjoy the magic!
Recent Bookings - Samy Espinoza and Dan Murphy
December  6, 2020 
Congratulations to studio members Sammy Espinoza and Dan Murphy for booking the same television pilot... and they didn’t know it until they got on set!
There’s nothing like having a scene partner on set whose training you know you can trust.
Keep moving forward, boys!
Recent Booking - Ellie Santiago
December  4, 2020 
“It’s not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us.”
Coach is at it again with another Insider video! This time he breaks down 12 Batman villain performances. Click HERE to watch and enjoy!
December  2, 2020 
It’s that time of year again... Breakthrough 9 is happening VIRTUALLY! Mark your calendars for SATURDAY, December 12 for the premiere.
We are so excited for you to see the talent and heart in all the performers this year
Recent Booking - Eddie Vincent
November  25, 2020 
Congratulations to Eddie Vincent for recently booking both a supporting role in a feature film AND a horror short film!
Can’t stop, won’t stop
Recent Booking - Erwin Jones
November  23, 2020 
If you’re trying to keep up with the Jones’s, check out Erwin Jones and his beautiful family in the new TRUEcar print ad!
We love us some family bookings.
Recent Booking - Katie Reese
November  16, 2020 
Congratulations to studio member Katie Reese for booking a  National Volkswagen commercial!
Hard work pays off!
Recent Booking - Jamal Henderson
November  5, 2020 
Congratulations to Jamal Henderson for booking a feature film! Starting off the month right!
Keep it up, Jamal
Recent Booking - Ellie Santiago
November  2, 2020 
Congratulations to studio member Ellie Santiago for booking a feature film and an internet video this month!
Keep up the hard work, Ellie!
Recent Booking - Noah Baron
October  28, 2020 
Congratulations to our very own COO Noah Baron for booking a Christmas commercial and fulfilling his life goal of playing an elf!
Keep up the hustle!
"John" Short Film
October  12, 2020 
We are so proud to be a community of not only actors but creators of all kinds. Studio member Romel Rose
wrote, directed, and produced his short film “John” and cast the studio’s very own Nicholas Marrinson as the lead!
The short film is available to stream HERE.
Well done, fellas!
September  30, 2020 
We are thrilled to officially announce that the Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio has gone GLOBAL!
The pandemic has changed how we artists and actors work, live, and train. We haven’t let anything stop us yet, and we have done more than just adjust — we have grown and thrived. Our online classes have far exceeded our hopes and expectations!
Now, you can attend classes with us in the comfort of your own country! Global classes offer the same membership benefits as our local Los Angeles actors:
TEN classes per week, FREE audit, two weeks FREE when you become a member, access to seminars on the Business of Acting, Scene/Script Breakdown, and more!
Interested in our online classes but want to check them out first? Email us at and we will get you started with your free audit!
Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 12.44.06
Black Oxygen, "Life is Beautiful" Music Video is LIVE!
September  28, 2020 
The Black Oxygen, “Life Is Beautiful” Radio Single/Short Film/Music Video is OUT NOW!
Starring Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio members
David Lyle & Nick Lyle, and featuring studio members
Sid MallyaBen Stranahan, Nicholas Marrinson, Anthony D. Washington, and Chad Conley.
Written & Directed by Anthony Gilardi himself!
Produced by Tip Top Productions - Robert McGillivray and Ben Stranahan. Co-Produced and co-edited by Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio COO Noah Baron!
EMMY WINNER - Elijah Allan-Blitz
September  23, 2020
This is the face you make when you’ve WON AN EMMY!

A huge congratulations to 
Elijah Allan-Blitz and his team for their Outstanding Original Interactive Program Emmy win for “The Messy Truth VR Experience!” 
Best Actress WINNER - Krystal Harris
September  21, 2020
Congratulations are in order! Studio alum Krystal Monique Harris won BEST ACTRESS in the Indie Short Fest for her proof of concept short film for an original tv series she wrote, directed, and executive produced. Talk about wearing multiple hats! We’re proud of you Krystal! 
The New Jim Crow: Majority Rules was nominated in a total of five categories and also won for editing. Also featured in the film was fellow studio alum Darryl Dillard!
Best Supporting Actress WINNER - Whitney Bensfield
August  26, 2020

A huge congratulations to studio member Whitney Bensfield on winning Best Supporting Actress in the 2020 Oceanside International Film Festival! You absolutely deserve it.

We've said it once, we'll say it one million times, hard work pays off!

Black Oxygen Short Film/Music Video Shoot
August  25, 2020
Last weekend, we wrapped production of “Life is Beautiful” a short film/music video written and directed by Anthony Gilardi
based on the music if Black Oxygen.
***All COVID precautions were taken and followed on set.***
We’re already in post-production, and we can’t wait for you all to see it!
Starring studio members
David Lyle and Nick Lyle with supporting cast studio members:
Anthony D. Washington, Nicholas Marrinson, Ben Stranahan, Chad Conley and, Sid Mallya
Featuring studio members: Carley Dizon and Kevin Espinoza.
Co-Produced by studio members: Noah Baron, Ben Stranahan, 
with Rob Mcgillivray.
Six Feet Apart Experiment WINNER - Chelsea Javier
August  20, 2020

A huge congratulations to studio member, and key student Chelsea Javier! She won the Six Feet Apart Experiment by Wayfarer Studios and is now funded to make her first film, “Smile or Hug.”

We are so proud to have students who not only act, but also write, director and produce their own content.


Way to go Chelsea!

Film Festival Nomination - Anthony D. Washington
August  18, 2020

Congratulations to studio member Anthony D. Washington on his nomination for Best Ensemble Cast for his work in “Wow” featured in the Las Vegas Black Film Festival.

We are so proud of our students!

Film Festival Nomination - Whitney Bensfield
August  16, 2020

Congratulations to studio member Whitney Bensfield on her nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the short film “Midnight” in the Oceanside International Film Festival.


Way to go Whitney!

Emmy Nomination - Elijah Allen-Blitz
August  3, 2020
Congratulations to studio alumnus Elijah Allen-Blitz for his Emmy nomination! He is being recognized for his work on the production of “The Messy Truth VR Experience” in the Outstanding Original Interactive Program category.
Recent Booking - Eddie Vincent
July 28, 2020
Studio member Eddie Vincent shot an improv segment with Billy Eichner for Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this month!
So proud of you Eddie, keep up the good work.
Anthony Gilardi Breaks Down 17 Dying Scenes
June 29, 2020
Coach Anthony Gilardi talks about good and bad acting in famous death scenes in this interview with Insider!
Watch as he explains which actors were “acting” and which actors were moving. Which ones do you think are the best and the worst?!
Spiritual Sundays
June 23, 2020
Introducing: Spiritual Sundays at Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio!
Starting Sunday, June 28th we will have Yoga for Actors 9:30 am-10:45 am with our in-house yoga instructor Christina Venuti now followed by Meditation for Actors 11:30-1 pm (PST) with our in-house meditation teacher Kevin Sinic.
See you this Sunday on Zoom! Namaste, all!
Recent Booking - Maria Sten
May 27, 2020
The has CW picked up season 1 of DC’s Swamp Thing for its Fall lineup! Studio alumna Maria Sten is a series regular on the show, and we couldn’t be happier for her.👏 
Recent Booking - Chad Conley
May 21, 2020
Congratulations to studio member Chad Conley for booking a role in the independent feature “Angel Warriors!” Way to go Chad!
Recent Booking - Pierce Minor
September 24, 2019
Pierce Minor is on fire this month! He booked a role on Perfect Harmony which will premiere on NBC 9/26.
Pierce will be in a recurring role this season on American Horror Story 1984 . Tune in on FX Networks at 10pm to catch all the spooky fun.
Congrats Pierce!
Recent Booking - Jacob Fig
September 16, 2019
Shoutout to studio member Jacob Figueroa on booking a co-starring role in an upcoming Freeform show!
Hard work pays off!
Stage Combat with Tim Weske
August 30, 2019
Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio would like to extend a huge thank you to Tim Weske for taking the time to train with us in stage combat!
This is the kind of opportunity we LOVE to be able to provide to our students (as part of being in the studio), and we are so grateful to Tim for making this possible. We had an absolute blast and can't wait to work together again sometime soon!
THREE studio members bumped to RECURRING on Mayans!
August 20, 2019
Yes, you read that correctly. Three of Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio members have been bumped up from their original co-star bookings to RECURRING on Mayans M.C., starring fellow studio members Clayton Cardenas (top left) and Richard Cabral. Congrats to Michael Perez (top right), Nate Boyer (bottom left) and Wilson Ramirez (bottom right).
We are thrilled to say we have NINE studio members on this show! Don't miss the Season 2 premiere on Tuesday, September 3!
Short Film Screening at AGAS
August 4, 2019
We had a packed house for our first screening at the new studio! We screened four short films produced, created by and/or starring our very own studio members.
We see that the industry is changing. Creating your own content is key, and we're proud of our studio members for taking their careers into their own hands.
Recent Booking - Benjamin Aguilar
July 31, 2019
Benny Boy is on a roll! First, his FOX pilot, Filthy Rich gets picks up, and now he books a GUEST STAR on the Season 7 premiere of the NBC show, Chicago P.D.
Recent Booking - Krystal M. Harris
July 30, 2019
Before we got a chance to congratulate Krystal on her latest GUEST STAR booking on the new Tyler Perry Show, The Oval, she ALREADY got bumped up to RECURRING! Way to go Krystal.
Put in the work, and good things will happen!
Recent Booking - Ken Stirbl
July 13, 2019
For the next two months, you can check out our very own Ken Stirbl in the role of "Grandpa Ben" in the live show Apollo 11 playing at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena!
The show is getting A LOT of press. Congrats Ken!
Check out for more information.
Recent Booking - Anthony D. Washington
July 5, 2019
When you book a role, and you put in the work, you never know what will happen. Well, we know what happened to Anthony. He executed his job to the highest level. And because of that, he was bumped up to RECURRING on the ABC show, Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.
Great job Anthony!
Handgun Training for Actors
June 15, 2019
THE REAL DEAL IS OUT THERE. That is why seven AGAS studio members received their handgun certification with Simon Cruz at the Double Tap Training Center. 
Congrats to you all. The Best is Yet to Come!
Recent Booking - Pierce Minor
May 31, 2019
Congratulations to this man right here! Pierce just booked a role on the TNT show, Animal Kingdom. 
Way to go Pierce!
Recent Booking - Phuc Cao
May 16, 2019
Congratulations to studio member Phuc Cao on booking a National commercial! That's all we can say right now, but we are wildly excited for you Phuc!
Recent Booking - Wilson Ramirez
May 9, 2019
Wilson CANNOT STOP BOOKING! Congrats on booking your latest RECURRING ROLE on Mayans M.C. That makes 8 STUDIO MEMBERS ON MAYANS!
Yes, you read that correctly.
Way to go Wilson!
Recent Booking - Hina Khan
April 18, 2019
We are so stoked to cheer on AGAS Alum Hina Khan as she joins the cast of DC's Stargirl, in a RECURRING ROLE. Way to go Hina! It was only a matter of time!
Firearm Manipulation Training for Actors
April 14, 2019
Being a believable actor isn’t always good enough. It is our job to have real behavior and honor the “real deal” that is out there. That is why we had Simon Cruz of Double Tap Training Center come back to our brand new space to teach our students a firearm manipulation training course. Thank you, Simon and Dean! We are more equipped storytellers because of you! 
Recent Booking - Jacquelyn Doggette
April 10, 2019
Jacquelyn Doggette straight killing it with TWO BOOKINGS this week - a VO Network Pilot & a feature film! 
Way to go Jacquelyn!
New Class - Yoga for Actors
March 29, 2019
Yoga For Actors at Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio with Christina Venuti! 
Every Saturday @ 9:30 - Yoga gives you the tools you need to tap into your true self, enabling you to stay focused and confident, in the audition room, on set, and beyond.
Breathwork, meditation, and yoga poses help to balance your emotional life and calm the mind, allowing you to take risks and let the creative juices flow.
Recent Booking - Paige McGarvin
March 25, 2019
2X the booking, 2X the fun! Congrats to studio member Paige McGarvin for booking a HUGE fast food National commercial, as well as an awesome supporting role in a feature film. Be sure to look out for Paige all over your television!
Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio
Recent Booking - Jamal Henderson
March 18, 2019
Congrats to studio member Jamal Henderson for booking the lead role in the feature film, South Central Love. 
If you keep your eyes peeled, you can see Jamal pretty face in this month's Variety magazine, and on bus banners all across Los Angeles!
Anthny Gilardi Acting Studio
Recent Booking - Richard Cabral
March 8, 2019
Richard is at it again! Congrats on your latest booking! Richard is set to star in an installment of Hulu’s, Into The Dark, a monthly horror event series from Blumhouse Television.
Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio
Recent Booking - Benjamin Aguilar
February 25, 2019
Boom goes the dynamite! Our very own "Benny Boy" has booked a SERIES REGULAR role in the new Fox pilot, Filthy Rich!
Ben has been working incredibly hard at the studio, taking risks, respecting his craft and being fully dedicated to his process.
You deserve this!
The Best is Yet to Come!
Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio
Recent Booking - Anthony D. Washington
February 13, 2019
Congrats to studio members Anthony D. Washington on booking a role on the hit CBS show, S.W.A.T!
Way to go Anthony! Great way to start the year.
Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio
February 12, 2019
We are OVER THE MOON with excitement. We finally have our permanent home for the Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio at:
7551 Melrose Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Get in touch now to set up a FREE audit at the new space, or to simply swing by and check it out. Now is the perfect time to get going at the studio. Simply email us at